On Page SEO: Half the effort, Double the result.

On Page SEO is the core of SEO project, a site with good content will gain a huge boost in ranking.

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How to do On Page SEO?

Google loves original, accurate and useful content.

Keyword Layout

If you consider building a site with SEO in mind, you should build its content base on the keyword of your choice, and design useful information so the page matches the keyword.

Content Creation

Google can distinct original content and plagiarism, to build a complete brand image, your content must be original and practical, but not overusing keyword for Call to action.

Header and Page Structure

Your page should use keyword in the header and disturb them evenly on your site. But do not use the same keyword over and over again, as Goole might recognize it as keyword stuffing, and they also have the capability to categorize synonyms of it.

Continuous Updating.

Content play a key role in stabilizing your sites search rank, by keep updating your website.  It will be see by Google gesture of good will, and improve you brand image.


Ever since Google updated their algorithm since Oct 3, 2018, On-Page Optimization becomes more important than before. Before then the only keyword was needed to reach the top rank.  But now it can Google’s AI process the ability to distinguish between Sales pitch and real content.

You can try using the keyword of your choice, and you will notice that most top ranking site mostly contain the header “Why XXX” or “Way to XXX”, that is because those site contain useful information. As such you should play by Google’s rule, and provide useful information in your site, and keep the call t action keyword in a 7:3 ratios, such design will bring positive impact to your site.


We do magic in 90 days, Rank and Traffic guarantee.

Content is a crucial part of SEO Project. Google is a site for searching for information, and since they updated their algorithm in 30th Oct 2018, content valuable content becomes important and take up to 60% of an SEO project. We can create a content structure suitable for SEO, and let you be Google’s favourite site.

Content Optimization Service

Keyword Planning

We are specializing in keyword planning, choosing the keyword with high traffic flow.

Web Site Structure

Make your site easier to read for Google, and improve your ranking.

Header and Description

Design the right header that is attractive to the user.

Site Coding Correction

There are many things in your site that might impact your SEO project, we will examine your site and fix it.

Create Original Content

Tailor-made localize content for your product that adds vault to your page.

Install data monitoring Tool.

Installing a complete set of professional data tracking tool like Google Analytic.

Do you want to improve the content of you site?

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